What is a wellness retreat?
A wellness retreat is a personal vacation for the mind, the body and soul. It’s an opportunity to pause and totally self-care. We are all very busy with so many distractions that take us away from ourselves, and by investing your time in yourself at a retreat the opportunity before you is to look inward and gain valuable perspective, shifts and personal transformations.

Can anyone come to WELLTHY Wellness retreat?

YES. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and heart ready to play, contribute and dive inward to the soul work while aligning all your senses to mind, body and soul.

What are the yoga and fitness offerings?

Vinyasa Flow: Get your groove on to inspiring and uplifting music with a fun energtic class moving posture to posture, flowing with creative sequencing on the mat while coordinating breath and movements with the foundation in sun salutations. The class is meant to lengthen, strengthen and open up your heart and body. Alignment and technique will be shared with newer participants to yoga. We will also have a slow flow. Gentle Hand on Adjustments will be available

Yin/Restorative: Mindful movements - slow paced to chill music. Passive movements with postures are held for longer periods of time with gentle tension on the connective tissue. These poses will improve prana (lifeforce)

Yoga Nidra: yogic sleep - A guided journey through the layers of our mind and consciousness. This practice is done laying down in savasana - it is very meditative. it is a very healing and creative practice.

Meditation: Sitting in stillness. Observing your thoughts without judgement. Meditations will be guided. With mantra and some Silent.

Fitness: HIIT and Bootcamp style: Get the morning and music vibes going! We will combine Intervals with functional body fitness, some old school aerobic and plyometrics with some mat pilates inspired moves.

Do I need to have been doing yoga for a long time to keep up?

No, the yoga for every retreat will always have modifications and is all levels. If you have a strong practice you are invited to bring that to your mat. If you are new to yoga we will be happy to guide you through the basics.  

What level of fitness do I have to have?

All levels of fitness are welcome. The HIIT and bootcamp style sessions are designed to challenge every level and at the same time be a lot of fun. We want you to sweat and smile.

Do I have to participate in all the activities? 

You are not obligated. You are choosing to come and experience the journey of the retreat so we recommend that you stay connected and engage it all. You are welcome to do whatever you need in order to have the experience you want.  

How many guests/participants come to the retreats?

We have designed Wellthy Retreats to be unique and intimate so that Penny and other facilitators can be of the greatest service and each guest feels like a VIP. Each retreat will vary between 10 - 20 guests.

If I am traveling alone and want a shared room will you pair me?

Yes – we will be able to pair you with a roommate in of the same sex.

Do I need a passport?

YES. We highly recommend that you travel with your passport if you are not local.

Do I need to have insurance?

We highly recommend that you take out travel and medical insurance for any travel you are taking.

What do I need to bring?

Within one - two weeks of each retreat participants will receive a welcome letter with recommended packing and things to bring.

Do you accommodate Food Allergies & Sensitivities?

Yes. We will always do our best to accommodate. It is your responsibility to advise of your requirements at least one week prior to the retreat. You are also responsible to have any supplements or medications with you upon arrival. When you register for a retreat, you will have the opportunity to share any dietary restrictions, medical conditions, or other things we need to know.


Do I have to take the 1:1 coaching that is offered?

No. It is included in the cost of the retreat, if you choose to schedule it with Penny. When choosing to have a coaching session you will be offered a second post retreat to ensure sustainability and accountability of changes you are committing to.